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Ivy House is a person centered place to care for people with dementia based close to Eastbourne town centre.

Finding support when you are caring for someone with dementia isn’t easy. At Ivy we provide care during the day 6 days a week. You can sign up for as little as two visits per week, or come every day! Be reassured that our care work is based around five principles;

Trust  –  Respect  –  Understanding  –  Communication  –  Encouragement

These principles form the basis for the relationship between our companions (care worker) and those in our care. They are the building blocks for an atmosphere of encouragement and understanding – in which a person with dementia is able to grow in security and confidence.

Ivy house hand picks companions to look after our people.

Each is carefully trained by Jane Lowe, our founder, and it is not until she is satisfied that a companion has reached the required level of competence in “The Ivy Method” of care that each is allowed to operate unsupervised. It is through this training that we have been able to build a team of individuals able to build an atmosphere of real trust and empathy with those for whom we care.
We also recognise the value of working alongside family and significant others to fully understand the needs of an individual’s who attends the Ivy – in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way! That’s why we host a show round at Ivy House, a trial before any commitment is needed and why we schedule regular family forums throughout the year.

We are here to help and ease the journey. If you would like to learn more about our care and sessions available get in touch we would be delighted to hear from you.

We also offer a wide range of activities for each individual to maximise their potential.

Ivy House in the News

Our care has been featured positively in the press, including Dementiaville, a Channel 4 Production, sharing the brighter side of dementia.

The care we offer often encourages improvements in well-being and marked changes can be visible in a short period of time, bringing benefits for the person with dementia and carers alike. Our prices compare very favourably with those of alternative care structures and our carers are always ready to help with all of the daily issues which can assume such importance in the lives of many.

For more information call us at any time for a friendly chat and speak directly to one of our carers, or click on one of the buttons below to request an information pack.

My Ivy

Cognitive Therapy for Dementia

Individual person centred care & support

Ivy Club

Specialists in Early Onset Dementia

A club environment for community & friendship

What People Say

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If you would like to speak to us for more information to see how we can support your family, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch for an informal and friendly chat to see how we can help you today.