About Us

Ivy House is the dream of Jane Lowe, a qualified psychiatric nurse who has been caring for people with dementia for many years.  Concerned with the problem of improving the quality of life for those living with dementia she conceived the idea.

Each person’s condition is different, as is their character and personality and the nature of the lives that they have lived. Perhaps more importantly, their memories are also quite unique and understanding this is critical to understanding how to help them.

Ivy house delivers a unique product, which is widely different from what is available elsewhere. The house produces improvements in well-being and enhances the quality of life of the individual as well as his or her carer. In many cases, this means that home life can be continued for much longer than would otherwise be the case!

Jane and her team listen carefully to the person, establish a close and highly personal relationship based entirely around the individual.

With no formal “routine” at the house, which is carefully arranged to resemble and feel like a family home.  People take part in the cooking and the preparation of meals, they are helped to paint and sing and dance and go for walks in the local area. Some enjoy darts and pool and take part in woodwork or pottery, others help maintain the garden. Alongside these more formal activities the team engage people in conversation, play simple games with them and focus closely on developing skills which the person may have lost. All this happens within the boundaries of a care plan specifically developed to the needs and desires of the individual.

We also host various groups and regular meet ups.