Women in Business Awards 2018

Women in Business Awards 2018

It was a very special day on Friday 20th July when Ivy House received an award from the Women in Business Awards for Contribution to the Community Read More Here

Having learned in May that Ivy House had been nominated for two categories:-

• Contribution to the Community
• Business Woman of the Year

was excitement enough but then, finalists felt beyond our wildest dreams and then we won! Ivy House received the award for Contribution to the Community 2018!

Jane Lowe, Founder, Director of Care and Dementia Consultant spoke on behalf of Ivy House and said:-

‘This award means a huge amount to the team at Ivy House. What is more exhilarating is that this award puts dementia on the map. An award of this kind, for a business of this kind, has not been given before at the Women in Business Awards East Sussex and is a real accolade to the work of the team and our community reach.
Dementia is not something that is going away and to share knowledge and educate our community that you can live well with dementia is something that Ivy House is passionate about. Thank you so much!’

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Ivy House submission and for people who too, want to make a change to our community and those who live with dementia.

If you would like to find out more about the work that Ivy House does please do get in touch.